SJ Labs Softphone: Step-by-step Installation for Windows
Go to Download & Install page and click on the download link.
Click "Run".
Wait until downloading process is complete.
Click "Run".
Click "Next".
Click "I accept the license agreement" and then click "Next".
Wait until installation process is complete.
Click "Finish".
Click "Next".
Click "Next".
Click "Next".
Click "Test" to hear the sound. Move volume control bar to a comfortable level. Click "Next".
Use instructions on the screen in order to configure your microphone volume and then click "Next".
To verify that your microphone and speakers(headset) work correctly click "Record" to record your voice and then click "Play" to hear what you've just recorded. Click "Next" if you hear the recording well or click "Back" to reconfigure your sound system.
Click "Finish".
Softphone's main screen will appear.
Right-click on the softphone's screen and select "Options..." in the context menu.
Options screen will appear. Go to "Profiles" tab.
Click "New..." button.
"Create New Profile" window will appear.
In "Profile name" edit box please type your future profile name (examples: "My profile" or "Jonh's profile").
In "File name" edit box please type a name of the file name where your profile settings will be stored. (example: "my_profile.ini").
Select "Calls through SIP Proxy" in "Profile type" select box.
Click "OK".
Click on "SIP Proxy" tab.
You will have to enter SIP Proxy settings as shown on this screenshot.
Proxy domain:
Proxy port (edit box next to the Proxy domain): 5060
Register with proxy: checked
Proxy is strict outbound: checked
Please leave "Advanced options" untouched until you know exactly what you do.
Click "OK".
You will find your newly created profile on the list of available profiles.
Click "Initialize...".
Enter your Username and Password you received after you have created PC-to-Phone account and click "OK".
You can always find your Username and Password by going to My Pins » Continental: More Functions » PC to Phone
Click "OK".

Your Softphone is ready to use now.